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Kalastyle Bar Soap

Kalastyle Bar Soap

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Our bestselling soaps

 Sea Salt - Signature salty scent smells like crisp ocean air. A rich foamy lather and natural exfoliators keep skin soft and smooth all day long.

Vitamin C - Nordic+Wellness combines a unique, arctic blend of powerful ingredients extracted from wild berries, plants, herbs & flowers. These restorative ingredients contain potent antioxidants known to combat environmental stressors while protecting the skin.

Hemp - Give your skin a daily boost of powerful antioxidants and vitamins with our artic birch leaf + hemp oil exfoliating bath bar. Enjoy earthy aromas of fresh forest air, deep in the artic woods.

Herb - Made with the pressed oil and hand-harvested leaves of Iceland's native Angelica Herb, these soaps are uniquely rich with high levels of chlorophyll that keep skin soft and hydrated. A natural detoxifier, Angelica oil is abundant in antioxidants and skin-healthy enzymes.

4.3 oz 


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