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Les Senteurs

Les Senteurs Gourmandes 100ML

Les Senteurs Gourmandes 100ML

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Les Senteurs perfumes are elegantly crafted and widely inspired by the range of blends with vanilla. Choose from sweet, spicy, and classic scents in these highly prized perfume bottles.

Amber Oud- A shop favorite, ambered vanilla with earthy undertones. 

The Absolu- Fresh and aromatic woods with a touch of rose.

Vanille Chocolat- Sweet honey and chocolate, the brightest perfume of Les Senteurs.

Vanille de la Reunion- Notes of caramel, vanilla, and musk.

Vanille Patchouli- Another shop fav; sweet and spicy featuring warm patchouli.

Cafe Tonka- Rich amber and coffee paired with soft vanilla.

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