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Les Senteurs

Les Senteurs Gourmandes Purse Spray

Les Senteurs Gourmandes Purse Spray

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Les Senteurs is an elegant French fragrance company, known for its high quality fragrances. Choose from sweet, floral, or spicy...

Amber Oud- A shop favorite, ambered vanilla with earthy undertones. 

Cafe Tonka- Rich amber and coffee paired with soft vanilla.  

Encre de Vigne- Aromatic camphor; spiced orchard and musk

Prune Jasmine- Sweet and fruity, a light floral overtone. Notes of plum and jasmine

Rose Oud- A warm spicy floral scent, with patchouli undertones. 

Vanille Chocolat- Sweet honey and chocolate, the brightest perfume of Les Senteurs.

Vanille de la Reunion- Notes of caramel, vanilla, and musk.

Vanille Patchouli- Best seller***sweet and spicy featuring warm patchouli.

Musc Blanc- A rosy, powder fresh floral scent, with hints of musk. 

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