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Smith's Lipbalm

Smith's Lipbalm Tin

Smith's Lipbalm Tin

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These adorable vintage lip balm tins come in delicious classic flavors and are perfect to carry on the go!


Mocha Rose - A sweet combination of chocolate, vanilla and rose with a beeswax base.

Minted Rose - Fresh peppermint oil and other essential oils

Rosebud Salve -   Smith's original and most famous rosebud lip balm, fresh and perfect for dry skin.

Strawberry - Fresh and sweet strawberry, like a bit of summertime.

Menthol and Eucalyptus - Fresh and cooling; eucalyptus oil is perfect for calming red noses after a cold.

Brambleberry Rose - Blend of wild berries and fragrant rose with honey and vanilla overtones.

Rose and Mandarin - Original rose salve infused with orange spice; the perfect combination of sweet and zesty.

Tropical Ambrosia - A breath of the exotic with coconut and mango.

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